QML WebView does not lose Keyboard Focus

  • Hi,

    I'm developing a mobile application that hooks up to Facebook and to do that I have to present Facebook's login dialog. I have a Webview that loads the login page. When I click on the entry fields, the virtual keyboard rises and I am able to login successfully. However, after I set the webview focus to false and remove it from view, the keyboard doesn't hide itself and stays on the screen over the other elements.

    How do I unset the focus on the webview such that the keyboard will hide itself? Or is this due to keyboard being focused on an element inside the web page? Is there a method that will force the keyboard to hide itself?


  • try setting focus to some other Item. May be that will help.

  • I tried, but the keyboard still doesn't go away. I found out that you can manually hide the keyboard by performing a swipe down on it. However, it's not intuitive enough for the user to do that every time the keyboard appears.

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