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Use QTableWidget in c++ visual studio to display sqlite database contents

  • Hello every one, I am new here and to Qt.
    I need to use qt in visual studio, i have added Qtaddon in VS, but it only creates ui file, I want to access sqlite db and display contents of db in a QTable widget form. I am very confused here.
    If i use Qt creator, how would i link it with my VS project, and in VS how can i access sqlite using qtablewidget or qtableview.
    Any one please get me out of this confusion please.

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.
    You can use the
    There is sample in the docs of how to hook up the model to the view.
    There are also other models if showing a table is not what you want.
    allows to use SQL to select the data.

    Im not sure what Qtaddon can create regarding UI files.
    QtCreator can both create a stand alone UI and one that has .h and .cpp also.
    I assumed its the same with the addon but i have no VS to test it.
    Does addon offer more than one option for UI file ?

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