How to control big numbers in QML like (-715827883)

  • @dheerendra

    I have a variable like val=1
    I have applied certain condition.
    When the condition is true then val is multiplied by 3.
    like 3, 9, 27, 81, 243..........
    but after a long loop it shows like -715827883 value.

    I want my result like,

    When i start to execute my loop revesely
    then val/3 is executed and at the end it will give 1.
    But now its giving 0.

    Please suggest.

  • Moderators

    Variables in your computer have a limit - if you go over that limit, the value overflows, and the CPU will think that it is the at the lowest limit, instead of the highest.

    This is not a QML thing, this is not a C++ thing - that is how computers work. You can read more about this here:

    To prevent that situation from happening, you should guard your arithmetic operation - check if result does not exceed INT_MAX in C (more info).

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