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WebEngine in touch environment

  • I'm trying to use WebEngine in a touch interface. Since this is just for a local help browser, the only things I need (or want) the user to be able to do in a WebEngineView is

    • Open a link in the same view
    • Open a link in a new tab
    • Scroll the view, if it's larger than the window

    I'd like to do the second by pressing and holding a link (either with touch or with a mouse). Is there a way to detect that in WebEngine?

    I'd like to do the third thing by dragging the window contents (again, touch or mouse). I don't need the ability to select text, or the ability to drag links. Is that doable?

    While I'm at it, is there any way to change what appears if a link is broken, by supplying a default URL?

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