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How to add an icon for submenu in Quick Controls 2?

  • Hi All,

    I'm creating a Windows desktop application with Qt Creator 4.8.0 & Qt 5.12. I have no problem adding an icon for a MenuItem since it has an icon.source property. But how should I achieve the same effect for a submenu?

    A Menu component becomes a submenu when it is defined inside the scope of the upper-level Menu component. And at this time it looks like a MenuItem with an arrow on the right side.

    I have read the Customizing Qt Quick Controls 2 Page but found nothing customizable for this purpose of Menu.

    For Quick Controls1 Menu, there is an iconSource property. But it is removed in Quick Controls 2 Menu. So is there a way to do this?


    With Thanks,
    a qml beginner

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    @nland ,

    I wrote a short Code as below.
    Do you have the same understanding with what my think?

    ApplicationWindow {
        visible: true
        menuBar: MenuBar {
          Menu {
            title: qsTr("Sample-MenuBar")
            MenuItem {
              text: qsTr("Sample1")
              iconSource: "img/sc01.png"
            Menu {
              title: qsTr("Sample2")
              iconSource: "img/sc02.png"
              MenuItem {
                text: qsTr("Sample2-2")
                iconSource: "img/sc02.png"
      // .....


  • @KazuoAsano Thank you for responding me!

    Yes, I understand your code. But I think you are using Qt Quick Controls 1, which has an iconSource property for Menu component. But in my case, I'm using Quick Controls 2 and for the Menu type, only the title can be specified.

  • @nland Did you ever figure this out?

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