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How do you tab into the fields of a tab box if the tab box is dynamically generated?

  • I currently have a form with some Line Edit fields and a tab box below. This tab box is populated with three selectable tabs that each have their own unique line edit fields. I would like to be able to tab from the main form's line edit fields into the line edit fields of whatever tab is currently being displayed.

    I cannot just set the tab order through QT Designer because the tab box is dynamically generated.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Just take a look at the generated code for the ui file and you will find QWidget::setTabOrder()

  • Ok, I see in the generated code that setTabOrder() is called for each widget in the form.

    Can I still use the .ui file and overwrite the tabbing behaviour using setTabOrder() or does this mean that I have to impliment the form without a .ui file?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Using an UI file is 100% the same as using plain code.
    The UI files is converted to C++ code which is run in
    setupUI() function
    so after that function you can just change it with setTabOrder
    all you wish.

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