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Surface rendering of Volumetric Data

  • My goal is 3d rendering of volumetric data (i have a 3d array of unsigned short ints where arr[x][y][z] represents voxel intensity at location (x,y,z) ).
    Using the Q3dScatter , the results are not what I expected ( no illumination or shadows , just the perspective projection) .This is of no use , since the images I am dealing with are either b/w or grayscale .
    What I want is to construct the isosurface for the volume ( something like marching cubes algorithm) ,and feed the surface data to a qSurface3dSeries through a QSurfaceDataProxy .What I cannot find is a function to convert my 3d array to a QSurfacedataItem.Can anyone suggest an inbuilt one , or suggest some better ways to deal with this problem?

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