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Bug in code display

  • Hi everyone, I think there is a bug in how code is rendered in the main forum when using escape chars.

    This is what I typed:
    source of message

    The preview renders correctly
    preview is correct

    But the slashes before the square brackets disappear in the final rendering
    final rendering

    single line:


    block quote


    Can you confirm the bug?

    My setup: Win7, Firefox 64.0

  • Moderators

    Confirmed. Escaping is rather iffy to say the least. Use C-slashes to escape the backslash if needed as a workaround.
    `\\[Text\\]` produces \[Text\]

  • ping @ollipuu as I think this was introduced by the recent update.

  • Hmm... I think this is how it's been since beginning as we haven't made any changes to Markdown parsing. NodeBB uses package nodebb-plugin-markdown which uses very popular package markdown-it, which renders the provided example similarly: QRegularExpression example

    So for now the workaround is to escape the backslashes, like @kshegunov suggested.

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