[SOLVED]glutMouseMotion in QGLWidget

  • hi..

    I want to track mouse motion like GLUT Function Callback : glutMotionFunc
    so it will return mouse in relative position

    how can I use that glutMotionFunc in QGLWidget
    or there is another way to track with mouseMoveEvent ?


  • Thank you for reply

    I Already handle mouseMoveEvent in my QGLWidget let say it MyGLClass

    class MyGLClass : public QGLWidget
    int old_x;
    int old_y;
    void mouseMotion(int x, int y);
    void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event);

    void MyGLClass::mouseMoveEvent ( QMouseEvent * event )
    int motionX = event->x() - old_x;
    int motionY = event->y() - old_y;
    mouseMotion(motionX, motionY);

        old_x = event->x();
        old_y = event->y();

    void MyGLClass::mouseMotion(int x, int y)
    // this function receive mouse in relative position
    // e.g. :
    // when you move move your mouse left
    // x will be -1 ( or -6 ) depends of your speed when move your mouse

    the problem is the function mouseMotion receive zero value when mouse reach the edge of the screen
    because the delta of before and after of mouse position is zero

    I want to keep track the mouse relative position even if in the edge of the screen
    like glutMotionFunc or DirectInput does

    Thanks, sorry for my english..

  • Well I was using neat trick, I don't know if this could be apply to QGLWidget...

    When there is move on the mouse pointer, calculate delta, and then return mouse pointer to center of the widget. Simple. But the problem is that you need to hide the mouse pointer...

  • thanks that trick work for QGLWidget also..

    Thank you..

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