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Is certification worth it?

  • My employer will pay for the training and certification exam, so I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to pursue.

    My current job is all qt based as well.

    I'm hoping the qt company offers professional courses (physical classroom or e-courses) hoping for people's experience.

    Not just for this job but future employment.

    Things like salary increase, ability to get interviews versus those who don't have certification, future interview questions in respect to having certification etc.

    I know a lot of autonomous/LiDAR companies/startups will heavily use qt in the future (they already are and I've had interviews but they weren't looking for new grads)

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    Do you mean that kind of training ?

    Certificates attest that you have reached a certain level of proficiency so it's always a good thing to have if you are looking for a job which requires knowledge that you have been certified for.

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