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Problem with build in Design Studio

  • Hi,
    I have done my project in Qt Design Studio, where I can debug my instrument cluster. What is the next step of my work? unfortunately, I cant build my project in design studio, and I dont know why. |
    I've try open my project in Qt Creator 4.7.2 (enterprise), but program doesnt recognise libs like:
    import QtQuick.Studio.Components 1.0
    import QtQuick.Timeline 1.0

    When i've put that libs into folder with libs in Qt Creator dir, there was problem with build (During the step qmake). But I did debug that project.

    There is some idea to built my project in Design Studio to .exe ?

  • Hi,

    The required import paths have to setup manually.

    This is usually done using QmlEngine::addImportPath() from C++. For qmake based projects one can use QML_IMPORT_PATH to make Qt Creator aware of plugins (code completion/code model).
    For non qmake based projects the safest way is to fall back to QML2_IMPORT_PATH the environment variable for IDE support.

    More info on QML import paths can be found here:

    In your case you have to add the import path for the project itself, since it does contain e.g. the QtQuick.Studio.Components plugin. You find those plugins in the 'imports' subdirectory of your Qt Design Studio project.

    Also the timeline module is not part of Qt 5.12, yet. It can be found here:
    Building and installing (make install) will install the module into your Qt.

    This should solve your issues with missing imports.

  • @Thomas-Hartmann
    Thank you very much for your response
    I was able to add the QtQuick.Studio.Components library, but I have a problem with the second TimeLine library. I downloaded the full project from GitHub from the link you gave, then I opened the project in QT Creator and built it.
      I have pasted the library in the imports folder
      then I added a header to my qml file
    QtQuick.TimeLine import 1.0
    Unfortunately, he does not recognize the library :(

  • @MonoFox said in Problem with build in Design Studio:

    I have pasted the library in the imports folder

    This should work, but I would suggest to install the timeline with (n)make install. This will install the timeline plugin into your Qt installation like all the other QML plugins. Make also sure you build and install the timeline plugin with the correct version of Qt that you are building your application with.

    The Qt Quick Designer of Qt Creator does not support the timeline at this point in time.

  • @Thomas-Hartmann
    I've trying again. This time I downloaded qt 5.12 and I tried again. Maybe there is some progress, maybe not, but there are new mistakes, so that's something! I created a new clean project with the arc item and timeline for tests, I added the compiled timeline to the imports folder and this time I have such results:

    Errors during build Timeline:

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