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Nokia Qt SDK 1.1.3 doen't support QtMobility in QML for Simulator

  • The latest Nokia QT SDK doesn't support QtMobility in QML for Visual Studio 2008.
    Windows XP SP3
    MVS 2008 Express edition
    Nokia Qt SDK 1.1.3

    Tried to launch any QML mobility examples. All are failed with the same error. As example: declarative-location\mapviewer
    Error is loading location plug library:

    1.2 Library as ""
    QDeclarativeImports(file:///C:/QtSDK/projects/mapviewer-build-simulator-Simulator_Qt_for_Visual_Studio_2008__Qt_SDK__Relea se/mapviewer.qml::importExtension: loaded "C:/QtSDK/Simulator/Qt/msvc2008/imports/QtMobility/location/qmldir"
    QDeclarativeImportDatabase::importPlugin: "QtMobility.location" from "C:/QtSDK/Simulator/Qt/msvc2008/imports/QtMobility/location/declarative_location.dll"
    file:///C:/QtSDK/projects/mapviewer-build-simulator-Simulator_Qt_for_Visual_Studio_2008__Qt_SDK__Relea se/mapviewer.qml:42:1: plugin cannot be loaded for module "QtMobility.location": Cannot load library C:/QtSDK/Simulator/Qt/msvc2008/imports/QtMobility/location/declarative_location.dll: The specified procedure could not be found.
    import QtMobility.location 1.2

    Though this library is installed in mentioned path except Windows correct path with backward slash:
    C:\QtSDK\Simulator\Qt\msvc2008\imports\QtMobility\ location\declarative_location.dll.

    I suppose that some code into Simulator doesn't change the path in correct way before calling Windows ::LoadLibrary system function. Do you know how can I fix this issue? Is it a bug in Nokia Qt SDK?

  • I am having the similar problem with QtMobility.connectivity too.

  • CONFIG += mobility

    need this CONFIG in .pro file

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