Visual Studio Addin cancels non-Qt project builds

  • Hi All,

    Has anyone see a problem with the Visual Studio Addin preventing building of non-Qt projects?

    I built and installed Visual Studio Addin 1.1.9 for Visual Studio 2010, but now I cannot build any non-Qt based projects.

    I had a solution with 3 projects for building libraries, non-Qt, then I added a Qt based project for creating a dialog box via a designer ui file.

    If the Visual Studio Addin is enabled, via the Add-In manager in VS, I cannot build any of the non-Qt libraries. The message "Build has been canceled." appears in Build output. If I disable the VS Addin then I can build it.

    This seems to be a very obvious problem with the Add-in but I haven't seen anyone else report it.


  • Debugging the addin it appears it gets notified everytime a project is being built.

    At which point it checks to see if the project is Qt based, and if it isn't it sends a command to cancel the build.

    So you cannot mix Qt and non-Qt based projects when the addin is installed.

  • That sounds like a bug to me. Have you tried "reporting it":

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