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Possible Bug in Qmake?

  • I am trying to build qt statically on windows using vcpkg. I get fairly good results but qt5 declarative is failing.

    I believe I have tracked down the problem to the lack of definitions for LIBAPP and LIBFLAGS that get generated in the Makefiles by qmake.

    Particularly the Makefiles generated in qt5 declarative tools folder all have a build line that starts with:
    $(LIBAPP) $(LIBFLAGS) ...
    but neither of these variables is defined in the Makefile.
    I searched all of the qt5 source and could only find 2 instances of LIBAPP in the files winmakefile.cpp and msvc_nmake.cpp within (qtbase/qmake/generators/win32)

    Should there be a definition in one of the '.conf' files?

    With LIBFLAGS not being defined, I searched for it. It exists in qtwebengine/src/3rdParty/chromium in a number of places but the only other places were here:

    And there appears to be no explicit definition for QMAKE_LIBFLAGS.
    What am I missing?

  • Qt Champions 2017

    Not sure about this. But we built Qt 5.11.x statically with MSVC 2015 using configure command. We built declarative also. It was all fine. If you want we can provide you the steps.

  • @dheerendra I would gladly take the steps. thanks.

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