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3D stereoscopic video, line-by-line (interlaced) in QML.

  • I'd like to implement a QML component that accepts two video inputs (using the MediaPlayer component) to combine them into a single line-interlaced image for 3D monitors. Each horizontal line alternates between left and right image.

    Here is a demo:

    I found an example of someone using QPainter and masking to paint two images, but I don't think it is very performant.

    With that said, what is my best approach here?

    I don't have a problem with getting the QVideoFrame from the MediaPlayer components.

    Should I try to use the QSGVideoNode? Will the QSGNode types allow me to achieve combine/render two QSGVideoNode instances in line-interlaced mode?

    Should I just use the QQuickFramebufferObject class and do things myself with traditional OpenGL commands?

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