Zooming content of a Qt application

  • In Qt Designer there is an option in the preferences to set a preview zoom scale (also available from a right-click context menu when you preview). This will scale (in/out) the entire Qt Application window along with all of the widgets contained in it.

    Does anyone know if this is using some scaling mechanism in Qt or is it just a display trick of Qt Designer?

  • I would assume that they use the ability to have QWidgets in a QGraphicsScene, shown in a QGraphicsView, which can be transformed pretty much any way you want to.

  • Any other clever ways of scaling all of the widgets in an Application. We've gotten comments from our users that some of the widgets are hard to read on their monitors and they'd like a zoom feature.

    I don't think converting our entire application to use QGraphicsScene is viable at this point.

    I could override the font size in the stylesheet but that only scales the font and only the widgets that have text will increase in size.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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