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Serial port not working

  • I am using QT4.8 on RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.1.

    I wrote a simple app that was to open a serial port, configure it, send a command to a device that responds with a string via RS232.

    Nothing worked. So I started troubleshooting with minicom. I still could not communicate through the serial port even with minicom. It is a new Dell that does not have the serial card mounted on the motherboard, it is a PCIexpress serial card. Does a 3rd party serial driver need to be installed for Linux, or QT to see this PCIe serial card??

    Thank You


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    @qt_emp how is that question different to ?

    Do you have permissions to access the serial port?

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    a PCIex serial card might need drivers.
    Some drivers for certain UART are included with some linux versions.
    Some card dont support linux at all, only Windows.

    So best option is to look up your concrete card and see what platforms that are supported.
    if it came with the DELL pc. Call them and ask if it works in linux.

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