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How to enable Site Settings

  • Trying to access all flash website is not possible using Qt 5.12 and SimpleBrowser example
    NB! Problem is for any full page plugin - without Site Settings there is no way now to get past title page without enabling the plugin for that website - and I'm OK taking the shortcut of programatically enabling the plugin per website in SiteSettings before opening the webpage ...if there is such an option.

    [EDIT: Link removed --JKSH]

    When I click play it thinks flash is not installed and instead of showing SiteSettings dialog opens Flash Install page that suggests taht flash is already installed but not explicitly enabled for that site :
    "Note: Adobe Flash Player is built-in, but may be disabled. Click here to troubleshoot Flash Player playback."
    and clicking on that link above -
    shows how to do it in Chrome - what is the alternative in QtWebEngine to allow flash programatically per website in so called new Site Settings feature?

    P.S. In the past I used following workaround - no longer working due to security features blocking cross domain script (partly adobe fault loading management console using javascript from differnet domain)

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