[SOLVED]Flickable Control question

  • can i control the fluidity and smoothness of Flickables? I mean can I drag Flickable item at a certain point and stop? and drag it again to the next frame? i'll be using it on my comic strip.. how can i do it?

  • Hi,

    Have you seen the visualitemmodel example that comes with Qt (in the modelviews subfolder of the declarative examples)? From your description I think it will be quite close to the behavior you are looking for.


  • If your are looking like homescreen kind of behavior (like a flick would get one homescreen at a time) try these properties in your ListView (assuming the fickable view your are using is a listview)

    highlightRangeMode: ListView.StrictlyEnforceRange
    highlightFollowsCurrentItem: true;
    snapMode: ListView.SnapOneItem


  • I agree, I have used this method somewhere in an application with good results. Not rememebr now where ... But I need to reuse this in a application I am working on so I can provide and example further if needed.

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