Regarding displaying tollbar icons in release mode

  • Hi All

    I am using VS2010 with Qt Addin 1.9
    I have developed QTApplication in which i have added 3 toolbar icons[Open.jpg,save.png & search.jpg are file names].
    When i build my code in release mode & run on my machine all toolbar icons are displaying.
    But when i try to run my .exe on other machine[Windows 7 OS] it is displaying only save icon other 2 icons are not displaying.
    How to resolve this?

  • Are those three icons part of the application (as a resource)?
    Is it possible that you link directly to those files which aren't available on the other machine?

  • Hi Lukas

    I have added those resource files while creating GUI in QtDesigner.
    I am not adding those through code.
    How to check wether they are part of application or not?

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