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is there a way we can check the data speed in Ethernet

  • Actually i am looking to work on a project in which i will send data and recieve through ethernet . But my doubt is , whether is there a way that we can detect the speed at which the data received through ethernet , as my main aim was to transmit and receive data at 100Mbs speed . Now i want to validate the speed of data received through ethernet whether is it possible in QT ?

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    It is possible to find the speed. No Qt classes to help you in this task. You can use some openSource libraries or classes do the same.

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    Yes. Measure how much data you get in a given amount of time :-)

    So, each time you get a new packet or datagram, summarise its size, then periodically (once per second) calculate the speed. It's also good to add another step - calculate an average of last 3-5 measurements to get more "stable" results.

    Now, regarding that 100 Mbps - to reach such speed you need to make sure your infrastructure supports it (preferably 1 Gbps Ethernet connection).

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