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QAxObject and dynamicCall

  • I'm trying to read a proprietary file through the vendor's COM file (dll). I am using QAxObject to open the file, but do not know if I'm calling these functions properly:
    long GetVersionNumber(long FAR* pnVersion)
    long GetFileName(BSTR FAR* pbstrFileName)
    long GetInstSoftwareVersion(BSTR FAR* pbstrInstSoftwareVersion)
    long Open(LPCTSTR szFileName)
    long Close()
    So, far the following seems to work (no crashes or errors), except the 2nd dynamicCall():

    @ int n = 0;
    QString qs = "blank";
    QAxObject* ptr = new QAxObject( "MSFileReader.XRawfile", 0 );
    n = ptr->dynamicCall("Open(const QString&)","C:\some.raw").toInt();
    n = ptr->dynamicCall("GetInstSoftwareVersion(QString &)", qs).toInt(); //qs is still "blank"
    n = ptr->dynamicCall("Close()").toInt();
    delete ptr;
    Help appreciated.

  • Well, answering myself, but the making a html from generateDocumentation().toStdString() was useful.

    It works partially. I can call functions, but can't get results back from them.
    I can get results back from int&, but can't get any values back from QString&. I've also used both flavors of dynamicCall().

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