Best Practice Advice: Enumerate all windows in the desktop(s)

  • My Qt application (that will run on Windows, OS X and Ubuntu) has a need to:

    1. List all windows
    2. Obtain their caption text (if any)
    3. Obtain an Icon of the application, if any, as QIcon or QPixmap (e.g. App Icon)

    I know how to do this for Windows using Win32. I can research Mac and Ubuntu separately, but I was wondering if there's an abstracted Qt approach to assist me?

  • I don't think so.

  • definitely no way with default Qt. IIRC there were already questions like this on devnet and the result was always: Absolutely OS dependent, use the OS API.

  • Got you. I'll created an abstracted QT class to represent the information I need with platform specific "plug-ins" to feed this information in. Each platform will build with its own plug-in.

    It might be a nice idea to add this to Qt once I'm done with all 3 platforms, so that it's available for other Qt users out-of-the-box in future versions. What's the policy of contributing it to Qt?

  • Agree: put this good idea in a wiki page and notify to us. Remember to add the tags to simplify search finding.

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