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how to install lastest version qt in visual studio 2010 sp1

  • I want to install qt v5.6.x or later in vs 2010.
    But there are not a few guidelines. Can you guide me to do this?
    Thank you so much !!!!

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    Hi and welcome to the forums
    You can get 5.4 for VS2010.
    else you have to compile Qt yourself and VS2010 is OLD now so you might run into issues. Newer Qt needs better compiler like 2013/2015/17

    Why cant you just download new visual studio ?

    Anyway, if you really must use vs2010

    Make sure to read it slowly. If you haste it, it surely will fail.
    Make sure to install all requirements for your platform.
    And only try Qt5.6 or 5.9 Qt5.5 ( seems to be the last to support it)
    as 5.11+ wont like vs2010.

  • thank you so much

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    Can i ask why it must be 2010 ?
    Since you can now use the newest for free?

  • @mrjj
    Just for the record: I use VS 2010. I tried upgrading to 2017. After it took 2 days to install (yes, two days, day 1 was just Windows installing all the patches it needs to prepare for VS 2017, even though I keep my Windows Update up-to-date) , I took one look at the fact that VS had changed every icon in its UI from helpful colored to the "new" flat, black style so you struggle to tell one from another, not to mention the 10TB disk usage, and promptly uninstalled. VS 2010 works without a new PC or a new pair of eyes. (Though I do not doubt 2017 may be better for Qt development, so wouldn't want to dissuade the OP.) Just saying... :)

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    Yep the new "modern"/flat/uninspired style is also not my taste. I cant seem to get used to it.
    You can reduce its size with the new installer but yes, it very fat and
    intrusive but its also one of the best editors around. ( in terms of features)

    That said, VS 2010 compiler lacks some of the modern c++
    features and as such cannot be used in newer Qt. ( as far as i know)

    so i use Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017 and then Creator as IDE to avoid all the fat.
    its around 4GB.

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    Qt versions >= 5.6 use many C++11 features (which is conservative on its own in 2018) and simply won't compile on VS2010. You would have to do extensive patching or disable many modules. Compiler in VS2010 doesn't really support even C++03, not to mention horrible bugs in stl implementation and the compiler itself.

    @JonB Don't you think that staying on an outdated (in every sense of that word) technology because you don't like icon colors is a bit weak argument? My VS2017 installation is about 2.2GB in size, containing only desktop C++ workload, so maybe you just got trigger happy with the options in the installer and installed every possible component (C#, F#, game engines, whole .Net stack etc.)?
    Seriously, if icons are the only thing holding you back I would seriously reconsider. Compiler in VS2010 is just ancient. Nothing but problems using it in 2018.

  • @Chris-Kawa
    Obviously we don't want to make this a long one. The icons issue is not just me, there are lots of people I have spoken to & on the web who think they make the UI much harder now. We use VS 2010 mostly for C# & .NET, and for legacy non-C++11, with no problems at all, so our experience is doubtless different from yours. I did aim my remarks at @mrjj who asked about 2010 and knows me/my sense of humor, and I did put in a smiley :) But to be clear, as I said I would not truly want to dissuade the OP, I do accept that he would be best advised to move to a newer version of Qt and a newer version of VS.

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    Funny. Just today I set up a Qt 5.5.1 version with MSVC2010 support by the online installer. IIRC 5.5 is the last with prebuild binaries for MSVC2010.

    I need this to still support a project that was started with Qt 4.8 long time ago. It uses QtScript and QtWebkit.

    In the long run this will surely move to newer compilers and Qt versions, but for now I want to lift that project to Qt 5 first. After that is done and function is still ok, we will decide how to go further.

    TLDR: there might always be reasons to use something older which has some drawbacks. But the new stuff has its perils too :)

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