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Creating component based on avplayer

  • Greetings, I'd like to continue my quest I once asked here .

    I did manage to get things to work by making a custom Qt version modifying and compiling it from source, but this doesn't prove reliable anymore and I need a way to create my own component based on avplayer.

    In short I need my own "Video QML Type" that will use iOS native player as it base, like a copy of Qt's avfoundation plugin but inside my own project so I can compile it with the project itself, only challenge is I don't know how to approach this.

    Any guides on how to start this? I know it won't be easy but the current project just requires a more reliable way to modify iOS player without having to compile whole qt with the modification and then use different qt versions to compile my project depending on if I need the modified feature or not.

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