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qmake generates unwanted option -lXmu

  • This is QT version 3 and we cannot move up right now. I am the first in our group to use openGL within the QT environment. The qmake procedure puts this option in the Makefile:

    LIBS <several things omitted> -lXmu

    It only does this when the following has been added to the dot pro file for OpenGL
    CONFIG += opengl // in the version 3 book
    QT += opengl // in the version 4 book, but have not tried this
    I found a link here:
    describing an Xmu and XMUU library API Reference where the introduction begins with:

    The Xmu Library is a collection of miscellaneous (some might say random) utility functions that have been useful in building various applications and widgets. This library is required by the Athena Widgets.

    We don’t have this package and of several hundred apps none need it. So here is the question:
    Is there any way to modify qmake such that it will not add this option?

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    Might work:


    Or, instead of tweaking configs, maybe link to OpenGL libs manually?

  • We have a system with over 1000 Makefiles, many that call others to build the entire system. When the Makefile finds a dot pro file it invokes the qmake then invokes the regular make. I suppose it would be possible to write more scripts to be activated after the qmake is complete and remove said option. It would be much better to stop it at the source. It would be even better if that option were emitted only when needed. We may not be able to obtain that control but I am searching.

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