SDK 1.1.3 with libs QT 4.7.4. problem with create an exe of a project to run without qtcreator

  • hi i am trying to create a .exe run file of my project to run outside the qtcreator.
    i create the exe in release mode, and bring all the dll that was needed to run the file, but i got the execute in the simulator of qt - and i don't want this. i want a regular execute of the project, that i could run without qt tools.
    the list of dll that i add:
    mingwm10.dll,l ibgcc_s_dw2-1.dll,QtCore4.dll, QtDeclarative4.dll, QtGui4.dll, QtNetwork4.dll, QtScript4.dll, QtSql4.dll, QtXmlPatterns4.dll, QtXml4.dll

  • What do you mean by "i got the execute in the simulator of qt"?
    If you have some unresolved dependencies (errors saying that some dll can not be loaded) you can check them with Dependency Walker.

  • it works now. tnx for your help... i had problem with some dll

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