How to pass arguments to QWebEngine?

  • I am trying to pass certain Command line arguments to my QWebEngineView browser. After some research it seems there is no straight-forward way to do this, but I did find you can use the "QTWEBENGINE_CHROMIUM_FLAGS" environment variable. But some of the flags I'm passing to it doesn't seem to work, I am doing it like this:

    qputenv("QTWEBENGINE_CHROMIUM_FLAGS", "--disable-logging --ppapi-flash-path=C:\Example\pepflashplayer.dll");

    The --disable-logging seems to work, but some other flags doesn't seem to work, including the --ppapi-flash-path. I've also tried setting the --ppapi-flash-version flag, but it still just uses whatever version is installed in the default flash directory.

    I am not sure why those don't work, or if there's a better way to pass the command line arguments?

  • @Denjas

    The --disable-logging seems to work, but some other flags doesn't seem to work, including the --ppapi-flash-path

    "--disable-logging --ppapi-flash-path=C:\Example\pepflashplayer.dll"

    I realise that path is an example, but if you have actually typed \s and not \\s in a C++ literal string, it won't pass the path you expect and perhaps chromium then sticks to its default directory?

  • @JonB I actually do have \\ in the path in my code, but that doesn't work either unfortunately.

    And even if I set --ppapi-flash-version to some other version than the one I have installed, it still loads the default version even though it then shouldn't be able to load the plugin.

  • @Denjas Do you have spaces in the path? There's currently a bug with that as the environment variable is split on space characters without proper quoting ( If you pass the arguments on the command line, without setting the environment variable, then it should be parsed correctly though.

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