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Integrate Qt VS tools with vcpkg-installed Qt

  • I have installed the qt5 library using vcpkg ./vcpkg install qt5:x64-windows

    Under ${vcpkg_root}/installed/x64-windows/tools, there are 6 sub-directories:

    • qt5: holds 2 conf files qt_release.conf and qt_debug.conf having the following structure:

      Documentation = share/qt5/doc
      Headers = include
      Libraries = debug/lib
      Binaries = debug/tools/qt5
      LibraryExecutables = debug/tools/qt5
      Plugins = debug/plugins
      Qml2Imports = debug/qml
      Data = share/qt5/debug
      ArchData = share/qt5/debug
      HostData = share/qt5/debug
      HostBinaries = tools/qt5

    • qt5-3d, qt5-declarative, qt5-scxml, qt5-tools, and qt5-xmlpatterns which all have an empty qt.conf file

    I tried to add all the possible paths in the "Add New Qt Version" of the Qt VS Tools, each time I get the error:

    ${SPECIFIED_PATH}/bin/qmake.exe is not found.

    qmake.exe is directly under qt5 directory, there is no bin/ sub-directory.

    .\qmake.exe -v
    QMake version 3.1
    Using Qt version 5.11.2 in C:/vcpkg/installed/x64-windows/tools/qt5/${CURRENT_INSTALLED_DIR}/debug/lib

  • this is indeed true. VS add on as of version 2.3.2 does not verify API by actual files, but only looks for 'bin/qmake.exe' in the directory you will specify which makes the addon pretty useless with vcpkg .
    Qt could integrate qmake functionality in the VS Addon itself and make certain test to verify SDK integrity.

  • Have you tried the one in packages instead of installed?
    If you call qmake -query you will recognize that it will point to packages instead of installed, meaning

    C:/vcpkg/packages/qt5-base_x64-windows in your case.

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