Qt SQL Query 'Parameter count mismatch' Problem

  • Hello,

    I am trying to use binding function of SQL Query but I have encountered a problem.

    I execute query like this:

            QSqlQuery query;
            q = QString("insert into records (id, name, surname, info) values (123, 'asd', 'qqq', ':info')");
            query.bindValue(":info", "KKKKKK");
            qDebug() << query.boundValues();
            if(!query.exec(q)) {
                 qDebug("Failed to query database: %s", qPrintable(query.lastError().text()));

    This query actually works, because there is NO value to be bound and info field in my row becomes ":info".

    Then I change ':info' to :info. Now I should be able to use binding feature, but it doesnt work. It gives me this error:

    QMap((":info", QVariant(QString, "KKKKKK")))
    Failed to query database:  Parameter count mismatch

    I tried to solve this problem from internet but everyone says something wrong in field names itself etc. Thats why I gave you the code without binding things.

    I am using Qt 5.11.2 on Ubuntu 18.04. DB is SQLite which has default settings.

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    @maydin said in Qt SQL Query 'Parameter count mismatch' Problem:


    This is not what you want since you're now simply executing the given query. You want

    if (!query.exec())

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher Thanks. I literally wasted 2 hours to find this out. There are lots of things similar to this and all of these are decreasing my motivation.

    Idk, I think there should be a warning in function exec(q), since if you prepare something, you probably will not use the "bad" function.

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