How to set the cursor to pointer when the mouse hovers over QTreeWidgetItem in a QTreeWidget?

  • Just like below:


    I use the qss,

    QTreeWidget::item:hover, QTreeWidget::branch:hover
        color: rgb(43, 179, 246);
        cursor: pointer;

    but, qt don't support the property cursor.

    So I want to use setCursor, but QTreeWidgetItem is not a widget.....

    So, someone can give me any advice ?

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    either you can install an eventFilter on the QTreeWidget and catch the mouse move/hover events, and check the index/item at the corresponding position using QTreeWidget::itemAt()/QTreeWidget::indexAt() and call setCursor() and unsetCursor() on leave event.

    Or you can sublcass QTreeWidget and follow the same pattern for the event filter.

  • @raven-worx

    I tried it,

    bool MainWindow::eventFilter(QObject* watched, QEvent* event)
        if (watched == m_treeWidget)
            if (event->type() == QEvent::HoverMove)
                QMouseEvent* e = static_cast<QMouseEvent*>(event);
                // qDebug() << e->globalPos();
                if (m_treeWidget->itemAt(m_treeWidget->viewport()->mapFromGlobal(e->globalPos())))
                return true;
        return QMainWindow::eventFilter(watched, event);

    But, it didn't work.

    I printed the pos(), found that the position wouldn't vary when I moved the mouse.

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    @Limer said in How to set the curtor to pointer when the mouse hovers over QTreeWidgetItem in a QTreeWidget?:

    But, it didn't work.

    more specifically?
    Did the event filter get called at all?
    Did you catch the HoverMove event?

    You can also try to install the event filter on the viewport() widget instead.

  • @raven-worx Maybe because the treewidget's parent is a qmainwindow, and i tried many ways to enable the mousetracking,but failed.

    So , i subclass the qtreewidget, redefine the mouseMoveEvent ,and it successed.

    Thanks a lot! ~

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