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QtVirtualKeyboard cannot capitalize letters

  • I'm running Qt version 5.8 and am using QtVirtualKeyboard. On application start up I'm defining the QLocale default to be the desired language, i.e. Finnish. I have a LineEdit that I'm trying to type into and when the virtualkeyboard pops up, the keyboard is in the desired language, but I'm unable to press shift to capitalize any characters. However, when I click the change language button, I'm able to start capitalizing letters again.

    It's strange though, because if I use English/Korean as a default language, it loads with the shift keys working just fine. I'm not quire sure what's going on, and I've compared the main.qml files for the layouts to see if there was anything different about the shift keys, they are identical.

    There's probably something small that I'm not seeing here. Anyone have an idea?


    So I changed the InputMethodHints field for my text box from 'none' to 'noAutoUppercase' and that re-enabled the shift key for all languages. I'm not quite sure why having a setting of 'none' is causing the shift key to be disabled as it doesn't seem to me like intended behavior.

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