Reading value from ListView item, after changing it's model

  • Hello,

    I have a ListView which I want to fill with data from C++'s QStringList.

            ListView {
                id: config_list
                anchors.fill: parent
                model: config_model
                delegate: configDelegate
                clip: true
                highlightFollowsCurrentItem: true
                highlight: Rectangle {
                    color: 'grey'
                    radius: 5
                name: "D1"
                name: "P1"
                name: "W1"
        Component {
            id: configDelegate
            Item {
                width: parent.width
                height: 30
                    Text {
                        font.pixelSize: 20
                        verticalAlignment: Text.AlignBottom
                        horizontalAlignment: Text.AlignLeft
                        color: "white"
                        text: name
                MouseArea {
                    anchors.fill: parent
                            config_list.currentIndex = index

    So I do have the next in my .cpp file :

    Q_PROPERTY(QStringList model MEMBER m_model NOTIFY modelChanged) 

    I'm filling the list with the data wanted and reading it from QML.

                conf_page.config_list.model = myClass.model

    But when the new model is loaded, the data doesn't show up until i change the value of configDelegate's text.
    text: modelData,
    instead of
    text: name.

    Now I can see the text in the ListView, but I can not read the data with current method i'm using (console.log(qsTr(config_model.get(config_list.currentIndex).name))).
    I've tried different approaches, but couldn't manage to fix it.

    How should I do it ?

  • @krokstr Hi,

    get() is specific to QML type ListModel but doesn't exist in QStringListModel. So you cannot call it with a C++ model, except if you make your own model and implement the get method.

  • Qt Champions 2017

    I felt some cleanup is required in your program. First you are creating the model in QML. You are creating the StringList and exposing it as model. QStringList is not a model. QStringListModel is model. I saw some data is fetched from C++ and trying to assign the model in QML. I'm not very clear why all this round about.

    Either you can create the model in QML & stay with it. If not create the model in C++ and expose this model itself to QML using setContextProperty. You can directly assign C++ model to ListView. This will simplify your program.

  • Okay, I'm fairly new to QML and I'm sorry if I'm asking stupid questions!
    I've tried some new methods but, I can't understand you very well. I couldn't make it with changing to QStringListModel.
    So, what is the best way to fill up the ListView from C++, preferably preserving the current ListModel with "name" parameter in it . I am using C++ for searching some files in a directory, put their names in QStringList, then I want to transfer the data to ListView in QML. Can you send me some snippet code and links to something that can help me?

  • Hi @krokstr , If you want to show files in a folder you can also try using QFileSystemModel and show the file names in the QML view.

    Below is my blog post in which I create a custom FileSystemModel which fetch the directory information and show on a TreeeWidget.

    This is another example in which I use the same custom model to display the content in a QML TreeView.

    You can refer those two. Hope it helps. Happy coding!

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