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scope problems

  • I am trying to call library functions from within the Qwidget application.

    it looks something like this:
    SysManager myMgr;
    IPort *iPort;
    myMgr.ComHubPort(0, "/dev/ttyXRUSB0");
    IPort &myPort = myMgr.Ports(0);
    INode &theNode = myPort.Nodes(0);

    followed by:

    It would be desirable to be able to call the "theNode.Status.RT.Refresh();" from a Qt button or from within some other function other than QMainwindow. I tried putting SysManager myMgr; before the QMainWindow constructor, but I get "error, not declared in this scope". What then is the correct way to call the member functions of the library from a button in Qt? I can provide complete code if that would help clarify. Thanks

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    @CharlesHuff Not sure where this code is actually located.
    But why don't you put

    SysManager myMgr;

    as class member in your MainWindow class?

  • I googled "add a class member to your QMainWindow"...
    assuming I can figure out the proper syntax, are you saying that putting:
    SysManager myMgr; inside the QMainWindow function will make theNode.Status.RT.Refresh(); available inside of the void on_click_button function that is outside of QMainWindow? I put everything before the "followed by:" above in the QMainWindow function and it worked only inside of QMainWindow, not within the button's on_click function...

    My desire is to setup the variables of the library inside QMainWindow and then later manipulate them from button presses...

    I know you answer is very likely correct, I just don't know how to do that...

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    See the c++ classes tutorial.

  • putting " SysManager myMgr; " into each function that calls theNode.Status.RT.Refresh(); works! I am also amazed that Qt seems to somehow 'know' all the member function names now...

    I am starting to like c++ more every day!


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    Qt is just C++. Creating a SysManager object in each function might not be the best idea. Having one instance in your class will make you code cleaner. Note that this doesn't apply to every situation.

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