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Questions to Virtual Keyboard

  • Hello Community,
    i have different questions about the virtual Keyboard.
    I have all languages installed and can toggle with the language button through all languages.
    But it starts everytime with english. In the Application the user is able to change the application language at runtime.
    This is working, but is there a way to change then also the virtual Keyboard, that it starting with this selected language?

    And the second question is. Is there a way to find out which language is active atm for the Virtual keyboard.
    So when the user doesn't want to type in this language and toggle to another language is it then possible to find out which language is actually set on the virtual keyboard?

    Thanks for your suggesstions.

    Best regards,

  • You can change the starting language by setting the QLocale of the application before it loads in your main function.

    1. QLocale::setDefault(QLocale::Language);
    2. QApplication a(argc,argv);

    From here the application should now be loaded with your desired language and the VirtualKeyboard should default to it when it initially pops up.

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