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QtQuick - Busy Indicator

  • Hi,

    we have a Qt5.4 with QtQuick running on a MIPS platform. We use QML application. We have busy indicator, when ever the data from network is yet to be received.

    BusyIndicator {
         id: loadingIconId
         visible: false

    But it gets jerky when there is some activities.
    As there is network activity, as well as some other activities going on, we thought UI ‍thread might get stuck / busy processing the events and hence we wanted to move to Render thread and hence we used Animator. (

           id: loadingIconId
           objectName: "loadinglcon";
           x: 875;
           y: 340;
           height: 100
           width: 100
           visible: showHideIndicator;
           RotationAnimator {
                   target: loadingImageCustom
                   from: 0;
                   to: 360;
                   duration: 500
                   loops: Animation.Infinite
                   running: showHideIndicator

    But we are still seeing the same issue. Any suggestions?
    Is there any thing that is causing issues in scenegraph rendering? How can we investigate?

    We need to run the Loading-Icon till all the data has been received/loaded.


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    Jerk indicates the still UI thread is busy processing. Just a suggestion. How about moving the processing the data itself to different thread & communicate using the signal/slots across threads ?

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