writing to mysql table

  • Hi, so i have a mysql database with a table containing the following columns:
    username,password,hardware id

    my statement looks something like this:
    if (mysqlquery.value("HWID").toString().toUtf8().constData() == null)
    mysqlquery.exec("INSERT INTO members (HWID) VALUES ('test')");

    this is inserting correctly, however into a completely new column, not into the users.

  • @jason-bourne

    however into a completely new column, not into the users


    INSERT INTO members (HWID) VALUES ('test')

    That statement will insert a row into table named members. It will set the value in column named HWID to 'test'. Other columns will be set to a default value or NULL . What else is there to say?

  • It's making a completely new column though

    my current check is if (username and pass is correct)
    if hardwareid column is empty then set hardware id to users hardware id, but it's just making a new row with a new column, not inserting the hardwareid into the users column understand?


    if (ui->lineusername->text() == mysqlquery.value("Username").toString().toUtf8().constData() && ui->linepassword->text() == mysqlquery.value("Password").toString().toUtf8().constData())
                   if (mysqlquery.value("HWID").toString().toUtf8().constData() == null)
                       mysqlquery.exec("INSERT INTO members (HWID) VALUES ('test')");

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    Because that's exactly what your asking your database to do. If you want to modify a record use UPDATE.

    By the way, there's no need for all these conversions. For example: mysqlquery.value("HWID").isNull().

    On a side note, your first if makes it clear that you are storing your user password in clear text in the database which is a bit security issue. You should change that.

  • @SGaist

    Perfect, liking the update query, but how can i pass in a string from QT to be updated? not quite sure how to do it with a query

    Edit: did it using bind queries tysm

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    There are examples in the documentation you should explore. On possibility is:

    QString myStringArgument = "whatever it is";
    QSqlQuery query;
    if (!query.prepare("INSERT INTO tableName (columnName) VALUES (?)"))
         ; // Handle error
    if (!query.exec())
        ; // Handle error

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