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QtCreator after upgrade does not complete function arguments

  • Hi
    After last upgrade QtCreator which is now 4.7.0 does not complete what I type in many places:

    1. I have function defined in .h eg showMore(int param,int param,QString param) so when I write in cpp:
      void MyClass::showMore( - now arguments used to show up, I hit enter and I have:
      void myClass:showMore(int param,int param,QString param)
      This does not work any more, I need to type in arguments

    2. When I'm creating signal connection
      connect(myClass,SIGNAL(showMoreSig - now complete definition used to show up, hit enter
      this also does not work

    Knows someone how to bring it back ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Moderators

    Disable clang code model in Help->Plugins, that will bring back the old code model for you.

    But also - consider using modern connection syntax instead of SIGNAL and SLOT macros. They are error prone.

  • @sierdzio excellent ;)
    It kind of looked like in XCode. IMHO Qt Creator syntax completion is better.


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