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MinGW versions

  • I have recently installed the 64 bit MinGW compiler through online installer which is announced as 7.3.0. A year ago I have done Qt lib compilation based on what 7.2.0. So this seems to match.

    Recently I started to use Qt12.0 which will be pre-built based on MinGW 7.3.0 compiler. It seems to be sensible to have some version control with executables. Therefore google indicated some page where macros for different computers and environment can be found.

    At the moment following is used:

        ostr << "With MinGW " << __MINGW64_VERSION_MAJOR << "." << __MINGW64_VERSION_MINOR << "." << __MINGW64_VERSION_BUGFIX << endl;

    surprisingly the version indicated by the macros is 6.0.0 and not the 7.3.0 as used throughout installation and also indication in Qt creator. The number is not simply a house number, but can be found also here for most recent release.

    Similar it is for 32 bit MinGW which report per macro 3.11 but the Qt reporting in online installer and Qt creator is 5.3.0.

    Is there anybody able to shed some light onto this mysteries?

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    i am just guessing here, but it might be that the 6.0.0 is the corresponding gcc version, whereas 7.3.0 is the release version of mingw?

  • @raven-worx

    Thanks for reply.

    Certainly this is a possible explanation, but that would make the actual code behind it rather old. Or the whole timeline discussion does make sense with those compilers.

    Also the macro states MINGW_VERSION and not GCC_VERSION.