Using “SSH prompt” from Qt Creator

  • I want to work with the git tools integrated into Qt. So far I have set up a project and the git repository, and I can commit, status and all others from the IDE and from command line as well. But when I try to use pull or push from the gui it hangs and after 60 seconds gives me this error:

    bq. The command 'C:/Program Files/Git/cmd/git.cmd' did not respond within the timeout limit (60000 ms).

    When I use the command prompt for push or pull it prompts me for my ssh passphrase and it works after that. Because the Qt IDE can't display that interactive password input.

    I noticed there has some options from QtCreator.

    1. Options > Version Control > Common > SSH prompt command
      In here, there has a red colored value names "win-ssh-askpass", My question is : How to install the program named "win-ssh-askpass"?

    2. Options > Version Control > Git
      I enabled "Environment Variables" option, and checked "Set 'HOME' enviroment variable" box.
      And there has a text tip: "Git needs to find Perl in the environment as well."
      What's Perl we needed? from Msys-git, or other Perl environment?

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    1. Google says there is this project:

    2. That depends on which git you have installed. Use the perl that matches with your environment: Usually that should be a stand-alone environment, but cygwin git will most likely need the cygwin perl as well.

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