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qtcreator.exe file disappeared from the bin folder

  • I've been running QTcreator for about a week.

    Tonight, i tried to start it and it says the shortcut, refering to the qtcreator.exe file, is no longer working. I've checked the path C:/QT/tools/bin and it is nowhere to be found.

    Any idea how it could have happened? Anyway i can solve this, except from reinstalling everything? Can i just find the .exe file somewhere else and copy it there?

    thanks for your input


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    hi @westergard,

    no I cant think of a situation that leads to this and never heard of this.

    I'd really suggest you to reinstall everythink - you dont know if anything more is damaged.


  • Hi, perhaps your anti-virus program has put qtcreator.exe away somewhere, like a quarantine folder.