Application "Not Responding"

  • I developed one application software in qt.its working fine but sometimes when process is going on and you click somewhere then application "Not Responding " message will display on top and application software hang after few min is working fine.


    How to remove this hang problem or "Not Responding " issue ?
    Im using windows 7 (32bit) ,Qt Creator 4.6.0 Based on Qt 5.10.1 (MSVC 2015, 32 bit).

    Thank You.

  • @Pranit-Patil
    Make sure your main UI event loop is always "active" and responding. In other words, somewhere you are doing something time-insensitive in your code. You need to change that so that either it uses signals & slots so it does not block, and/or hand off the computation to a non-UI thread you create. or if you have to be "naughty", you might have to call QCoreApplication::processEvents() explicitly, but try not to do that...

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