• Hi all
    I have a problem managing the subwindows in the MdiArea component
    The problem is very simple, when Adding a widget as a subwindow to the MdiArea this doesn't preserve the geometry defined in the designer.
    Sample code:

    @ MyWidget * w=new MyWidget(this);

    So I've tried to play with the geometry like this sample code:

    But I got no success :(
    What I've tried next is to set the geometry in the same block of code where adding the subwindow, in different places but also got no success.

    Is it a bug in the MdiArea??
    Thanks in advance

  • I would do it like this:
    @QMdiSubWindow *w = ui->mdiArea->addSubWindow(new MyWidget());

    Subtle difference there. I'm not sure which class you mean by "this" and what geometry should be preserved? If you want to use fixed geometry, set a fixed size in the designer. Best practice is to almost always use resizable windows (use layouts).

    It is probably not a bug in the MDI area.

  • MDI windows are almost always meant to be resized. So like Franzk says: best is to make sure you handle that case.

    Anyway, what happens if you modify your code like this:
    MyWidget * w=new MyWidget(this);
    QMdiSubWindow* subwindow = ui->mdiArea->addSubWindow(w);

    Note that you will probably need to adjust the size a bit, because the style adds borders. This size will be different per style, so you will have to figure out the adjustment in some dynamic way.

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