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QGraphicsItem transparency issue

  • I am using a QGraphicsItem to display a QString text within a rectangle in qchart.
    It is done inside paint() of QGraphicsItem. I would like to set QGraphicsItem background transparent. It can be done by setting opacity of the painter in paint(). The code is as follows:

    void MyGraphicsItem::paint( QPainter * painter, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem* option, QWidget * widget )
    painter->setOpacity(0.0 );
    painter->setBrush( Qt:white );
    painter->drawText( text_rect, str_text );

    if the painter has 0.0 opacity, text will disappear as well. How can I set the background of rectangle text_rect transparent while keeping the text visible?

  • @JoeCFD
    Try not setting a brush.

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