I have a problem text rendering with Qt 5.7(QML)

  • Platform : Windows 10 Pro
    Qt : Qt 5.7 msvc 2013 (x86)
    Text font : Noto sans CJK kr/jp/cn

    In QML, Text rendering result is a liitle blurry than Qt QLabel.

    and there is nothing I can do to resolve it anymore...

    Anybody have idea?

    Upper text of image is Text from Qt QLabel, below is Text from QML Text(Label).

    Here is image

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    Just see do you see any warning of openGL functions at application window in QtCreator. If yes, please update your openGL library to the latest &greatest. That should solve your issue.

  • Could you tell me about that a little more detail?
    There is no any warning messages on Qt creator.
    I use Qt 5.7 default, How can I update open gl of Qt 5.7 ? I use lasted graphic card driver already(NVIDIA).

  • I resolve it.

    I setted font of text as property of QML Text component.
    (Like font.family : parent.fontfamily)

    and on Qt 5.7's QML, there are no enough options to control font properties.

    so, I moved to C++ side and set a whole application font.

    QFont font = someClass.getLangFont();
    //set property of font instance here
    // such as hinting policy, style etc.

    now it looks very cleary...

    thank you..