Best way to build annotation control in QML

  • Hi, I am attempting to create the below design in QML QQuickControls2 - its an annotation widget/control that will be displayed over images. What would be the best way to build this control?

    alt text

    For example;

    • Should I create a Pane that contains a Label and some Line control (does there exist such a control in QML?) to represent the lines.
    • Would it be easier to use a QQuickPaintedItem instead?

    *Note: the annotation line length and angle will change. It depends on where the annotation sits inside the application window - if its close to the right border the annotation line will come out of the left side, etc.

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    You need do to paint on your own for annotation. You can use QQuickPaintedItem for this purpose. You can simple QWidget and paintEvent(..) as well for the purpose of annotation.

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