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  • Hi everybody

    I use QSceneLoader for import scene with Qt3D.
    Now, I have to export scene but after look on the web, I found nothing. So I decided to try to code an exporter: a plugin for Qt3D.
    I have only two files, who are in the same .pro with assimpImporter, so they are included in the DLL assimpsceneimport.dll
    But I don't know how to use my class Qt3DRender::AssimpExporter

    I have tried to do the same that QSceneLoader but, I don't see where Qt3DRender::AssimpImporter is called. The only one time where assimpImporter is called is with sceneJob. But QSceneLoader doesn't call sceneJob too.
    So I'm confused, I don't know how to call my class and use It.

    Ps: my class inherits of QSceneExport

  • Hi, I have advanced my plugin.
    Now I have other files like the plugin gltfexport:

    • A main file :
    #include "assimpexporter.h"
    #include <private/qsceneexportplugin_p.h>
    class AssimpSceneExportPlugin : public Qt3DRender::QSceneExportPlugin
    	Q_PLUGIN_METADATA(IID QSceneExportFactoryInterface_iid FILE "assimpexport.json")
    	Qt3DRender::QSceneExporter *create(const QString &key, const QStringList &paramList) override
    		return new Qt3DRender::AssimpExporter();
    #include "main.moc"
    • A json file :
        "Keys": ["assimpexport"]
    • A cmake file :
    add_library(Qt5::AssimpSceneExportPlugin MODULE IMPORTED)
    _populate_3DRender_plugin_properties(AssimpSceneExportPlugin RELEASE "sceneparsers/assimpsceneexport.dll")
    _populate_3DRender_plugin_properties(AssimpSceneExportPlugin DEBUG "sceneparsers/assimpsceneexportd.dll")
    list(APPEND Qt53DRender_PLUGINS Qt5::AssimpSceneExportPlugin)

    I have already recompiled Qt3D and now when I want to use my plugin, I have some link errors.

    #include <assimpexport/assimpexport.h>
    void myFunction(void)
            Qt3DRender::AssimpExporter assimpExporter;

    Errors :

    Gravité	Code	Description	Projet	Chemin	Fichier	Ligne	État de la suppression
    Erreur	LNK2019	symbole externe non résolu "public: __cdecl Qt3DRender::AssimpExporter::AssimpExporter(void)" (??0AssimpExporter@Qt3DRender@@QEAA@XZ) référencé dans la fonction "public: void __cdecl nvr::ProjectManager::on3DFileSaveAs(void)" (?on3DFileSaveAs@ProjectManager@nvr@@QEAAXXZ)	NucleusCreator	C:\Users\alex-clevo\Documents\Leo\NucleusCreator\NucleusCreator	C:\Users\alex-clevo\Documents\Leo\NucleusCreator\NucleusCreator\ProjectManager.obj	1	

    And the same for the destruction. But I have include the library Qt3DRender and AssimpExport is included in Qt3DRender thanks to the cmake file, don't?

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