How to do SSP pairing for Bluetooth Low Energy devices

  • Hi all,

    Can anyone help me with this BLE SSP pairing.

    i'm sending pairing request from my android phone using QBluetoothLocaldevice to variscite development kit and it acts as Heartrate server, after sending request from my android phone, on server side getting this following message

    qt.bluetooth.bluez: HCI ACL packet data size 255 is smaller than specified size 477

    Is there any signal to get the Pairing request?

    Thank you

  • Qt Champions 2017

    I'm sure you would have tried this Qt BlueTooth kit. Did you try with native android bluetooth to make the pairing request ? It could be the version mismatch issue between the both the devices and Qt has no role play.

  • @dheerendra No i have not used any native android bluetooth to make pairing. what exactly happening is that i'm able to pair and connect but target device should get the pairing notification before pairing finished, i need that notification
    to confirm and make pair.

  • Qt Champions 2017

    Without using any program is it working. Just pairing from your android device is it working.

  • @dheerendra i have mobile application, there i scan and connect to the BLE heartrate server application its running on varascite development kit. now i need pairing between my mobile app and the GUI app.

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