Quick components don't find their image components

  • Hi to all,

    I am experienceing a problem with the usage of some Qt Quick components in both the symbian and Harmattan platforms. There are some Qt Quick components i.e. the default button icons of the toolbar or the BusyIndicator that when runs generate an error regarding the image icons used by them.

    The particular case of the BusyIndicator for example, runs correctly and when the app is showing it I see a round shadowed element rotating anyway but the image (that create the new style with the squared rotating indicator I suppose) can't be found. Is this some kind of problem that exists a workaround? The same withthe standard buttons of the toolbar (e.g. the previous / next arrows). In their usage examples I saw that the image objects are loaded with the file name only where needed but in my case this don't work.

    Any idea?

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