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create a database for a tableview

  • Hi,

    I'm new in Qt and c++ and have the following problem.

    I get some arrays with data from an machine.
    This data I want to display in a tableview, but I have no idea how i have to creat a database.
    I have a sqllight database.
    Is it possible to make the data variable there?
    If yes, how i have to insert the array?
    At this time my data in the database are static, but this is not what i need.
    I created the tables with the designer.
    I hope someone can help with an example code.

    that is my code so far


    #include <QSqlQuery>
    static bool createConnection()
        QSqlDatabase db_Werkzeug_Wech_Warn = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE");
        if (! {
            QMessageBox::critical(nullptr, QObject::tr("Cannot open database"),
                QObject::tr("Unable to establish a database connection.\n"
                            "This example needs SQLite support. Please read "
                            "the Qt SQL driver documentation for information how "
                            "to build it.\n\n"
                            "Click Cancel to exit."), QMessageBox::Cancel);
            return false;
        QSqlQuery query;
        query.exec("Create Table CustomiseToolChange (COLOR varchar(20), "
                   "TOOLNR int primary key, TIME varchar(20))");
        query.exec("insert Into CustomiseToolChange values('green', 13, '01:32')");
        query.exec("Insert Into CustomiseToolChange values('yellow', 14, '00:25')");


    #include "test_screen.h"
    #include "ui_test_screen.h"
    #include "tableCustomise.h"
    #include "QDebug"
    test_screen::test_screen(QWidget *parent) :
        ui(new Ui::test_screen)
        myTableCustomiseToolChange = new modelCustomiseToolChange(this);
        myTableCustomiseToolChange = new TableCustomise(this);
        myTableCustomiseToolChange->setQuery("SELECT * FROM CustomiseToolChange");
        myTableCustomiseToolChange->setHeaderData(1, Qt::Horizontal, tr("Werkzeug Nr."));
        myTableCustomiseToolChange->setHeaderData(2, Qt::Horizontal, tr("Zeit"));
        ui->TableCustomiseToolChange->setColumnHidden(0, true);
        ui->TableCustomiseToolChange->setStyleSheet("QHeaderView::section { background-color:grey }");
        ui->TableCustomiseToolChange->setStyleSheet("border: 2px solid black; background: grey");


    #include <QtWidgets>
    #include "QSqlQueryModel"
    #include "tableCustomise.h"
    #include "QColor"
    TableCustomise::TableCustomise(QObject *parent)
        : QSqlQueryModel(parent)
    QVariant TableCustomise::data(const QModelIndex &index, int role) const
        if(role == Qt::TextAlignmentRole)
            return Qt::AlignCenter;
        if(role == Qt::BackgroundRole )
        QString content = index.sibling(index.row(), 0).data(Qt::DisplayRole).toString();
            if ( content == "red" )
                return QBrush(Qt::red);
            else if (content == "yellow")
               return QBrush(Qt::yellow);
            else if (content == "green")
                return QBrush(Qt::green);
        //setzt die Daten
        return QSqlQueryModel::data(index, role);

    Thank you for helping.

  • This really has nothing to do with Qt, it's just SQL. You can use QSqlQuery to run an UPDATE query on your database

  • Thank you for your answer.

    Can you explain it more exactly please.

  • @Mogli123 said in create a database for a tableview:

    query.exec("insert Into CustomiseToolChange values('green', 13, '01:32')");

    Here you are inserting a value. You can use the exact same technique to run an update query something like:
    query.exec("update CustomiseToolChange set COLOR='orange' where TOOLNR=13");

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks for your help.

    How can I insert a array with 30 variable values in it?
    The database is in a .h file is this a problem?
    The data from my code above are wrong, they are only test data.
    First of all I want fill the database only with the data from the array.
    Later I want to add some other data.

    Sorry for that if the questions are basic.
    I'm a noob.


    or just call query.exec in a loop

  • Thank you very much it works

    thats my test example

        int lengthTableCustomiseToolChange = 30;
        QVector<qint32> tableCustomiseToolChange(lengthTableCustomiseToolChange);
        for(int i = 0; i < lengthTableCustomiseToolChange; i++)
            tableCustomiseToolChange[i] = i;
        qDebug()<<"aktueller Wert ="<<tableCustomiseToolChange[19];
        for (int i=0; i<(lengthTableCustomiseToolChange/3); i++)
            int j;
        QSqlQuery query;
        query.exec("Create Table CustomiseToolChange (POCKETSTATUS varchar(20), "
                                   "TOOLNR int primary key, TIME varchar(20), COLOR varchar(20))");
            query.prepare("INSERT INTO CustomiseToolChange (POCKETSTATUS, TOOLNR, TIME, COLOR) "
                          "VALUES (:POCKETSTATUS, :TOOLNR, :TIME, :COLOR)");
            query.bindValue(":POCKETSTATUS", tableCustomiseToolChange[j = i * 3 + 0]);
            query.bindValue(":TOOLNR", tableCustomiseToolChange[j = i * 3 + 1]);
            query.bindValue(":TIME", tableCustomiseToolChange[j = i * 3 + 2]);
            query.bindValue(":COLOR", "");

  • I would move the query.exec("Create Table part outside of the loop

  • Thank you for this tip :)

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